How it works


1. Order

Opt-in to receive your food

in Zero Impack containers.

fork knife.png

2. Enjoy your meal!


3. Return

You can return your empty containers to

the restaurant, to our drop-off points,

or arrange a pick-up at home.

Be a zero-waste hero!

Join our mission to reduce

one-way packaging

in the take-away sector.

No more spilling

Our leak-proof silicone lid makes sure that drips and dribbles stay where they are supposed to - inside the food container!

How to return the containers


To the restaurant

Bring your empty, rinsed containers back to

the restaurant.


To our drop-off sites

Drop your empty, rinsed containers at one of our

drop-off sites.


To our riders

Plan a pick-up time, and our riders will come to you.