Give your customers a zero-waste take-away option.

How it works


1. Order

Diners opt-in to have their food in 

Zero Impack reusable containers.


2. Return

Empty food containers can be returned to your restaurant or collected by us.


3. Washing

We sanitize the containers and return them

to your restaurants, ready for reuse.


Cut packaging costs

With our memberships,

restaurants cut one-way

food packaging costs.

We do the dishes!

We sanitise empty food containers in

state-of-the-art washing facilities, and we return them to your restaurants in bulk.

Easy inventory

By choosing Zero Impack - inclusive of our washing service - restaurants completely outsource packaging inventory and supply.

...and no more spilling

Our leak-proof silicone lid makes sure that drips and dribbles stay where they are supposed to - inside the food container!

Savings calculator

Our zero impack memberships are modelled relative to

your monthly expenses on one-way containers.

You cannot see the calculator?

*assuming average weight per container = 60 g