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Offer a zero-waste

food delivery

to your customers.

For restaurants

How it works

1. Packaging supply


We provide you with leak-proof, high quality reusable packaging with different designs according to your needs.

2. Food delivery


We deliver your meals daily to companies or we support you in setting up the catering at the event location.

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4. Wash and reuse


Containers are cleaned at our washing facilities and resupplied to your restaurant, ready for reuse.

3. Pick-up


We pick-up dirty containers from our drop-off bins or directly at the catering event. 

What's in it for you?

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Cut costs

of single-use packaging


We offer a reusable packaging service at competitive - or lower - prices compared to single-use packaging.


your packaging inventory

By choosing Zero Impack - inclusive of our washing service - restaurants completely outsource packaging inventory and supply.

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your customer base


Differentiate from your competitors by offering a zero-waste food delivery alternative and expand your customer base.

Let's work together!

Zero-waste events

Circular food delivery platform

Packaging upgrade

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Join our platform and be part of our daily zero-waste food delivery services to companies and business districts.

Partner with us to provide

zero-waste catering events for

companies, universities, and more.

Simply upgrade your packaging from single-use to reusable and discover the benefits of reuse!

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