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Circular food delivery

We are much more than a delivery platform.

We turn food delivery into an environmental and people-centric service.

We eliminate packaging waste. 

We value our drivers. 

We prioritize local producers.

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How it works

1. Employees order their meals from local partner restaurants.

2. Meals are delivered in reusable 
containers directly to the office.

3. Containers are collected and washed at up-to-standard washing facilities.

4. Clean containers are returned to the restaurants, ready for reuse.

What's on the menu?

Order from a selection of local restaurants with a rotating menu that is always fresh!


Mix them up!

Combine items from different restaurants in the same order and receive them in a single delivery!


Choose to reuse

Receive your lunch in high-quality leak-proof containers that better maintain food temperature.


Easy check-out

Choose amongst multiple payment methods including digital ticket restaurants.


Capture the hidden sustainable

value of your business lunch!

Monitor your environmental performance with Zero Impack through a dedicated corporate dashboard.

Overview, Measure, Report and Reduce your Impack.


We collect dirty packaging.

Leave your containers in our drop-off bin located at your company. We’ll collect them daily!

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We wash and

sanitize containers.

Our professional rack conveyor dishwasher sanitizes containers in large quantities, according to the highest hygene standards.


Ready to be used once more!*

*We have already used our containers

more than 115.000 times

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  • What are Zero Impack containers made of?
    Our containers are made in BPA-free, food-grade polypropylene, which is the most suitable material for reusable food packaging. Our containers are microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and freezer-proof. The transparent lids are made of thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE), which guarantees an easy and leak-proof closure.
  • Do I have to empty my containers before returning them to the drop-off bins?
    We kindly ask you to remove any food residual before returning the containers. This will accelerate and facilitate the process of cleaning and sanitization in our industrial dishwasher.
  • Are the containers leak-proof?
    Yes. The leak-proof lid allows to keep liquids and soups inside the container.
  • Are the containers microwave safe?
    The containers are suitable for heating in microwave, however the lids must NOT be placed in the microwave and should be removed before heating.
  • How are the containers sanitized?
    Hygiene of Zero Impack containers is our top priority. Our containers are washed and sanitized by our partner restaurants according to the same hygienic standards that apply to ceramic plates used for consumption ‘on-site’. For very high food delivery volumes (such as in companies or canteens), Zero Impack takes care of collection and sanitization of the containers in industrial dishwashers that comply with the German DIN standard for the washing cycle.
  • How many times can a container be reused?
    Our containers can be reused up to 200 times. Nevertheless, the quality of each container is periodically assessed, and scratched containers can be withdrawn from the cycle whenever necessary. For this reason, we kindly ask you to avoid cutting your meals with sharp knifes directly in the container, to ensure the longest lifetime possible.
  • What happens to the containers at the end of their lifetime?
    Our containers are not only recyclable, but actually recycled. At the end of their lifetime, containers will be withdrawn from the cycle, cleaned, and brought to a recycling facility. We aim at collaborating with an italian circular economy leader that provides collection, transport, and mechanical recycling of both materials in our containers (PP and TPE) separately.
  • How can I make my favourite restaurant aware of you?
    If you would like to order from a new restaurant using our food delivery platform, please send us an email at specifying the restaurant name. We will take it from there!
  • What is the environmental impact of using Zero Impack?
    Each time a Zero Impack container is used, it saves waste and CO2. The exact results were obtained by studying the whole Life Cycle Assessment of a reusable container (production, transport, washing, recycling) in contrast to a single-use container (production, transport, incineration) of different materials - including plastic and paper.

Are you interested in joining our mission

or trying out our service?

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