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Food delivery made circular.

How it works

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Packaging supply

Food delivery



Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!

Zero Impack provides a reusable packaging service designed to eliminate single-use waste generated by food delivery, catering events, and take-away.

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Measure your Impack.

Get credit for going above and beyond! Zero Impack tracks the positive results by using our services and provides companies with quantitative data that can be used in sustainability reports. 

Our services

Zero-waste events

Circular food delivery platform

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Zero Impack offers a daily zero-waste food delivery service for companies on a unique digital platform. Plan out your eco-conscious meals for the week and have them delivered by electric transport.

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Zero Impack organizes and manages

zero-waste catering events for

companies, business districts,

universities, festivals and more.

Our services

Are you a restaurant?

Or a caterer?


Join Zero Impack on the first zero-waste delivery platform. Upgrade your catering events and food delivery service to zero-waste. Offer your customers the circular choice!


Are you a company?

Or a business district?


Make the move to become a zero-waste workplace. Empower your employees with the option of circular food delivery in reusable containers.


Are you an individual user?


Get your favourite food in reusable containers and join our mission to eliminate single-use food packaging waste, one container at a time!

Why reuse?

Reuse vs. recycle

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Recycling is increasingly challenging, costly, and energy-consuming. Instead, reusing eliminates the need for new products, saving water and energy, and prevents trash from landfills making it the most sustainable option in food packaging. 

Legislation changes


The EU commission recently approved a directive against Single-Use Plastic (SUP), which limits the use of single-use packaging. Be prepared for these changes with help from Zero Impack!


Our team


Irene Simone

Co-founder & CEO

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Program manager with a vast experience all around the world and a life-long passion for innovation, Irene ensures that Zero Impack's vision turns into reality.


Nicola Lamberti


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With an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Degree in Physics, Nicola brings his consolidated experience in startup, having

co-founded and managed two successfull companies.


Giulio Simone

Co-founder & CPO

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Armed with a PhD in applied physics and a deep-rooted belief in sustainability, Giulio makes sure our food containers match functional, hygienic, and aesthetic standards.


Manuela Zanin

Strategic marketing

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Strategic Marketing Specialist, Enterpreneur, Mentor and Business Angel, Manuela supports the strategic and operational development

of Zero Impack.


Geoff Ward

Country Manager - The Netherlands

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With a background in project management, engineering, and sustainability, Geoff is focused on stopping packaging waste in its tracks by bringing Zero Impack to the Netherlands.


Matteo Gattone


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With a broad experience in 3PL companies, Matteo supports the  the team in the definition of the reverse logistics process as well as in the development of

our digital platform. 

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